Keep Calm & Carry On – another sighting !

Back in February I wrote about my love for the iconic Keep Calm & Carry On poster designed for use in World War II Britain during times of extreme national crisis.    Well my friend H just sent me this picture from Williamsburg, New York City where some residential building is using it to rent units !   keep-calm

Not quite sure, despite their rationale which you can read when you click on the Keep Calm & Carry On logo, what the connection is but it’s kinda fun that this iconic poster is now being used to market loft apartments 3,500 miles from London !


Pure gold ?

Yesterday I mentioned that I had purchased a Starbucks Gold Card, $25 plus tax.

I gave it a bit of thought to make sure I was not just buying into some hype but I actually think it’s a neat idea and value for money.starbucks20gold20card1

When you buy it you get the coffee of your choice free so, since I was going to buy one anyway that knocked $4 off the real spend from the get go.

Moving forward I get 10% off virtually any purchase in-store. (You just hand the card over with cash or plastic OR you could have preloaded the card making it a very easy transaction.

But the real clincher for me is that you get 2 hours of free AT&T wifi in any Starbucks, every day.

It’s not worth me having a data plan for my monthly visits to NYC so this does the trick and it saves me and my employer money.

Shame the card is only for North America.

It lasts a year.

On the sidewalk

Since moving to London over a year ago I’ve still managed to get my hair cut by Uri, my Russian barber on 14th and 7th every 4-6 weeks.

$20 including tip (actually $21 now as it’s now $16 a cut) and I like the job he does. When I arrived they were mopping the floor and asked if I would mind waiting outside for a few minutes. Since it was almost 60 degrees I had no issue but before I knew it they had put a chair on the sidewalk for me.

So there I was sitting on the sidewalk, coffee from the street vendor and reading the New York Post – weekends do not start much better.

Above Standard

On Friday night I got to experience the 4 or so month old The Standard Hotel in Meat Packing District, Manhattan. I’m a veteran on their sister property in LA but this one had the added attraction of being constructed before my eyes on huge stilts over the disused elevated freight tracks of the Highline.

The property is not quite fully opened but nothing that impacted me during my short, 12 hour stay on the 9th floor. There is not much to hate about floor to ceiling windows over looking The Hudson and Lower Manhattan. You almost feel you could walk out into thin air.

Not that there was any incentive to leave the bed which had to be the most comfortable bed I’ve slept in.

WC and washbasin off to the left and a massive tub and open shower to the right with wooden louvre slats opening onto the sitting area should you want to watch something or someone wants to watch you !

Excellent Kiss My Face bathroom products left a lasting impression and the complimentary breakfast delivered to the room (during soft opening) was welcome to someone who avoids the extortion which hotels embark on when they charge $7 for coffee !

My only complaint ? Traffic noise from the West Side Highway.

Boqueria Soho (Resturant)

Saturday saw my first visit to Boqueria Resturant in Soho.   Now, off the bat, I do have to say I was with a great group of people so I could have been served cheese and crackers and still had the time of my life !   That said I found both food and wine (thank you T !) a very satisfying fast track to a tapas bar in Spain.      The four dishes which I enjoyed the most:   Coles de Bruselas (roasted Brussels sprouts with chorizo), Patatas Bravas (crispy cubed potatoes), Escudella (braised lamb shank with white beans and sausage) and an excellent Paella.   The five of us turned up around 8pm and were seated (with no reservation) by 8.20pm after a glass of wine at the bar.   The place is lively with strong welcoming service.    I’ll go again.