Thoughts on travel

I’ve always travelled a lot for business and pleasure but the last few months have seen me break my in-air records. Because of the high frequency of travel I started to notice the little things I did to make life a little easier.

(1) Mobile boarding passes are good to have and on-phone check-in is invaluable however when you get to the airport pick up a paper boarding pass. Why ? Between security, lounge, onboard and writing out your immigration form you’ll easily use a couple of percent of battery power.

Besides it makes a good bookmark.

(2) Always carry an external battery pack. Fully charged. The only thing better than one is to carry two. I carry two.

(3) Carry £100 / $150 of your destination currency in cash with you before you get on the plane. You never know. Relying solely on credit or debit will catch you out and usually at the worst possible moment.

(4) Never make an airline reservation without consulting Seatguru . This takes all the guesswork out of avoiding the pitfalls of toilets and bassinets.

(5) Dress respectfully enough that you would be comfortable to go directly from the airport to a meeting with your number one client. Why ? You never know, you’re luggage might not make it. Oh and it’s a courtesy to your other passengers. Flip flops, shorts, exposed arms have no place on a jetliner.

(6) Remember the rule. The more media you take on the flight the less you’ll need it. It’s like carrying an umbrella – it won’t rain. No media and the inflight entertainment system will fail.

(7) Aim to help at least one fellow traveller on every journey. It’s the right thing to do, it makes the experience better for everyone and it will generate travel karma.

(8) Pack a snack for your arrival hotel. Anything to help avoid making poor room service choices.

(9) Even if you are only staying in the hotel for one night. Fully unpack. It’s better for your clothes and your mental health.

(10) Perfect a night flight sleeping routine and follow it. Use physical cues (such as removing your watch) to set in motion sleep.

(11) If you have a problem with a reservation or a quality issue start off your inquiry with “I wonder if you can help me ?” Empower the employee by making them want to help you. It’s rarely their fault. And when you get good service always make a point of reporting that.

(12) Focus your travel loyalty on one airline alliance, one hotel group, one car hire company. Even if you could save a few pounds or dollars switching consider what you lose. Loyalty goes two ways.

(13) Carry a small foldaway bag for use on the flight. Throw everything you need into it and that’s what sits at your feet on in your seat locker.

(14) Always carry a folder with your reservations printed out. It’s a fail safe to technology and another battery saver. And it means the desk clerk can walk away with the paper – that’s not possible with your iPad.

(15) Notepad. Always. In your pocket. Fill it.

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