it’s never been easier to succeed…or fail trying

Last Friday a small group of us got together to finally formalise our business venture.  Each of us have spent our careers helping other entities succeed and that’s a great thing.   You don’t work in the ‘service’ business without a love for seeing your clients or company do well.  However, we all feel that it would be nice to mix it up a bit – creating something from scratch and applying our variety of skills to making it work.

Since we are geographically distant from each other AND have may other work and personal commitments it’s important that we work smartly and that’s been an affirming experience.    I enjoy embracing new technology and digitally based features but there has been something about the last week which really brought home the contribution which “free” services can make to a new business.

– our email services, provided by a variety of entities at no cost

– a WhatsApp chat group to allow us to share our thoughts by the minute and keep energy and momentuam high

– a private Pinterest board to share and catalogue comptetitors and creative thoughts

– Skype where we held our first conference call

Each of these products delivering to an emerging enterprise.   And, come to think of it, I’m sitting in a cafe, using free wifi, on a Chromebook (Google services), blogging using WordPress (free).  

All of this is an extended way of saying that the barrier to doing something different is incredibly low.   The infrastructure set-up is effortless and virtually free – the only thing you need to do is come up with an idea to take advantage of it all.  That’s the hard part.

Good luck. 


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