I resolve to….

…..blog more. Correction. I resolve to consider blogging more.

I’ve not posted on this blog for two months. Without trawling the archives I suspect that is the longest interval. It was not deliberate. It’s just fact.

The challenge is I think about blogging more than I blog. I enjoy considering content, gathering opinions and items I think will be interesting for others but sometimes, and obviously over November and December the mind is strong but the flesh is week.

Pen has not been put to paper.

I’m writing this on the sleeper train to Cornwall. An efficient mode of transport which will see me sleep and move at the same time. At the moment I’m blogging and moving so that’s a good thing.

So in this 2nd week of 2014 I promise to write more. You’re lucky – you don’t even have to promise to read. But thank you for getting this far.

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