Dust yourself down, get out and engage…

Last night I attended a Founderscard membership event in London.   I’ll be honest and say it’s the first time for a couple of months that I’ve been to an event where I’m representing myself.  Where the focus was not a client, a brand or a product but me…or actually in this case “them” because I used the occasion, once I had quickly dispensed with my own ‘elevator pitch’, to listen to what others were saying.

It was refreshing.   And a timely reminder that it’s imperative  that we tear ourselves away from the task at hand and cast a gaze around the wider room.   And when I say room, I mean room.  Not putting down a lap-top and picking up an iPad but some proper, professional interaction (friends don’t count either !).

It is enevitable that all of us get entreneched into the here-and-now of what we are doing, be it corporate or consultancy but to do right by these projects we need to lift our vision.  Constantly.   It helps gain new perspective and it certainly delivers solutions in the most unexpected manner.

Sometimes we use the excuse that we don’t have time but, quite simply, you can’t afford to not find the time.   You need to break out of your constant environment and learn from others in a new scenario.   And it needn’t cost you a penny.  Hop onto Eventbrite now and sign-up for something locally.   You’ll learn something, meet someone, solve a problem and raise your game all in a couple of hours.

Do it this week…it’s only Tuesday.



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