BA – better aircraft


It is safe to say that this blog would not be in existence if it was not for the Transatlantic “bus” service as provided by British Airways.    Continuing the bus metaphor, yesterday was like waiting for a bus for a long time when suddenly two come along once.   The buses were in the shape of their first A380 which touched down at London Heathrow yesterday to join the airline’s first B787 Dreamliner.  

I think (and happy to be proved wrong) British Airways is the first airline to introduce BOTH of these aircraft into their fleet at the same time and it’s a testament to their $5 billion investment in a new long-haul fleet. The last couple of years has not been easy for any of the “legacy” carriers and whilst the mechanical durability of the BA 747 fleet was above reproach (honoured to share my birth year 1969 with the first test flight of this incredible plane) the interiors and especially the inflight entertainment systems have been creaking along. With a stroke British Airways is re-establishing itself as the preeminent global airline – it just needs someone with guts to expand its home airport !


2 thoughts on “BA – better aircraft

  1. Impressive you managed to get such a good photo also – do you think they meant to have Concorde in the background?

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