On the move

The last week has been one of those four flights, three countries, four “city” experiences which I enjoy the most.

London – NYC – London – Basel – Zurich and soon back to London. As I write this quick blog entry in Cafe Schurter at the end of the Neiderdorf watching the industrious folk of Zurich go about their Saturday chores I cannot help but think that the secret to productivity is to always be moving.

Why is that so ?

(1) Unless you are travelling in a group, travel affords you lots of quiet, reflective moments to complete tasks.

(2) There are no meetings.

(3) If you are flying, and lucky enough to be on an airline with NO wifi, then those quiet hours go even further.

(4) You are exposed to new people and new things and can use this experience to solve old problems and create new opportunities.

(5) You use time shifts to engage with different projects and of you go west at the end of the day and east at the end of the day – what you gain in time outbound you give back when you are asleep.

(6) You are forced to embrace different cultures and different priorities.

(7) Once home you rediscover the pleasures of your own environment.

Of course self-employment is a factor here. The work travels with me. But the view from my “desk” is always changing and that only helps with delivery.

Go on. Book some travel.

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