A rolling Stone gathers no moss

I’ve said it many times before but there is no better start to the working week than listening to an inspirational speaker.   And so it was last night at Morton’s where I attended a ‘conversation’ with Carole Stone on the subject of “The Importance of Networking, both Professionally and Personally”.

Many of you will have heard of Carole but if not go Google – right now – it’s easy to understand just why I enjoyed the evening so much.  Sure Carole is the supreme networker (her database contains over 50,000 contacts) but it’s the depth of her insight into everyone she meets and her passion for connecting people and being there to help on the way up, on the way down and all points in-between which singles her out.

A couple of direct quotes;

“Networking is essential not an add on.”

“Always nurture people you meet.”

“Practice mindfulness, be in the room.”

“Take an interest in others.”

“Live life in gulps not sips.”

But it’s by your deeds that you are judged and throughout her review of her life and passions she engaged and connected the audience with her and each other.   Because that’s the secret of networking.  It’s not a bolt on that you do at the occasional drinks reception it is something you do every single minute you are in the presence of new people..  Introducing, engaging, remembering, contacting, helping being helped.

I call it “being selfless with a purpose” working on the basis that engaging and helping people you meet creates a rich network which will support you and your endeavours as you support them.    

Of course this all requires energy and passion which Carole Stone exudes from every pore and when you look at the body of her work and achievements you can’t help but think she has hit on something !    Just remember you have to commit to the activity.    

As if to prove the point as we all milled about afterwards I met a great new contact – within minutes we had found ways to help each other in our respective endeavours  and we swapped emails later that evening.

And what about the supreme networker ?   Well she emailed me this morning to say how nice it was to meet me and that she would have me along to one of her future events.   That’s Carole Stone in action.   


One thought on “A rolling Stone gathers no moss

  1. She seems ‘spot on’ – I so agree with all that you wrote… is it possible for you to connect me to her 😀

    Thanks and hope you are doing great…

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