A citizen for once, not a subject

The Dutch have a certain reputation (well earned so not a cliché)  for efficiency and thrift and, so it was with my 14 hour visit to Amsterdam last Thursday.        I don’t think I’ve ever spent longer than 24 hours in Amsterdam (which one “day” I need to address) and this time it was a quick catch up with a good friend and fellow optimist who was hosting an evening at his agency with the  ‘mind reading antics of Doug Segal.    The act was funny, although a room full of marketers and clients is always going to be a tough audience.

Now back to the short duration.

Since I was on the first morning flight back to London City I opted for a hotel at Schiphol and, with a maximum of 6 hours in the room, I hunted for an option within walking distance of the terminal building tending towards cheap and efficient !    I ended up booking the citizenM Hotel.    I expected something functional and uninspiring.  Instead I found a hotel concept which actually catered for my needs, was operating theatre clean and made me longing for more…..more time to spend in it.   Free, reasonably recent, Hollywood releases and a duvet which kept pulling me under both conspired to make my 5am wake up alarm a touch-and-go experience.

Despite an emphasis on technology and sensible things such as being offered the option of paying your bill at any point BEFORE your stay there was a reassuring human presence on the ground floor and 24hr amenities which would put a five star hotel to shame.

I’m only sorry that this hotel concept has passed me by.   New York versions arrive this year and next so I won’t be a stranger.



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