For the last couple of months my Sony Vaio has remained closed.   A large silver paperweight, gathering dust.   There is nothing wrong with it.   It’s still in it’s prime but with first release Windows Vista it has never been the faster starter.     So what to do ?

My iPad 1 and 3 dominate tech proceedings at home.   The Samsung Netbook is tucked away for the day when I have the need to be “corporate” on my own but there is still the niggling requirement for a largish screen, a full keyboard and speed.   

Long emails, lot’s of web browsing, on-line form filling and embracing the cloud properly – those are needs.

And the background to all of these requirements coloured by the ever present advertising campaign by Samsung for the latest Chromebook – aka the Mac Book Air look-a-like !    

Digital ads, newspaper ads, out of home hoardings.   No escape.    

Last weekend I started to read the reviews.  Compared functionality against everything else and finally, on Thursday, decided to buy.

The £229 price tag does not require too much thought but no one likes to feel they have made a poor purchase no matter what the value of the transaction.

I need not have worried.   It’s pretty close to perfect.

It takes a bit of getting used to the fact that, without being on-line, it’s rather inert but being on-line is the entire point.

It’s light, looks good, the keyboard is allowing me to touch type at a fast speed, it starts from cold in about 8 seconds, sips power and with simply the addition of my gmail account details burst into life with Google functionality.

On Day 3 I find I now instinctively gravitate to the Chromebook without thinking.  No hesitation about wrestling with a slow start and it allows me to use the iPad as the reference tool – open and on providing me the content to stimulate my writing on the Chromebook.

Without question I’m already using more Google tools – which is the genius behind this hardware manifestation.     It used to be that the physical device drove the content and software requirements.   Now it is the other way around.   

It’s also the perfect travel companion for those who require to write – with no constant worry about damage or theft.  

Still early days but I have a feeling this is going to be a keeper.


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