It has been over a month since my last blog entry. Less to do with not having topics to write about and more to do with the fact I’m now driving to work each day which is saving me about two hours commute time but taking away the same hours I could devote to reading and blogging.

Some of you might think that’s a blessing but I’m determined to establish a new pattern which means I can return to at least irregular postings !

The last month or so has been busy at work and with a good dose of travel – Milan, Munich, Zurich for vacation and now New York where I am writing this on a bench on a perfect sunny and warm Fall day.

For all of that travel the focus has been elsewhere in China, India and Panama. Why these three ? A media seminar, a new book and a presentation by the UK Ambassador respectively.

Once I have finished the book “The Luxury Market in India, Maharajas to Masses” I’ll review.

I’m pleased that everyone has now started to refrain from the patronising use of the term “emerging luxury markets”. There is nothing emerging about them and they have a dynamism which will defy convention. But that’s for another day.

Now for the catch-up.

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