Truth in advertising #1

A few weeks ago a group of us came across this new poster as we waited for the No 94 bus home. Now I’m well aware that I risk some criticism for singling out a particular dog breed – yes all dogs are great ! But the advertisers started it !

This first picture is the poster itself and the second the poster close-up with one of the first googled images served up when you searched for Staffordshire terriers.

Not quite sure when picturing a knitted dog to represent the breed seemed like a good idea when all it does is highlight the fact that you couldn’t show the real dog ! Which is nonsense as you could have advertised a very calm dog with a real owner. Oh well.



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One thought on “Truth in advertising #1

  1. Poor dogs – it’s all down to how the owners train / care for them. My parents have one and he’s the nicest dog – afraid of the cats! Bad people breed bad dogs – maybe instead of putting down the dog we should put down the owner?

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