In the bag

After a morning being inspired by Tess Macleod-Smith of Net-A-Porter & Mr Porter along with The Future Laboratory on “The New E-Connoisseur I felt suitably incentivised to go shopping in a break between appointments. Since I probably fit into the ‘High-velocity living’ segment this was of no surprise or as the futurist Martin Lindstrom puts it..”We are no longer simple business people at work and private people at home. People are checking personal emails at work and work emails at home. The lines are blurred.”

The only problem is I wanted instant gratification so that ruled out, this time, Mr Porter and I decided to make a long overdue visit to the ‘new’ London branch of Jack Spade.

I love Jack Spade but, as a colleague and I discussed upon the opening, it feels weird to buy Jack Spade away from New York City.

My resolve lasted all of 45 seconds thanks to the perfect bag (below), great service and a sale price.


Feeling guilty I tweeted my purchasing act……a crime shared is a crime halved only to receive a perfect response back, again below. Showing a savvy brand. It was a day for Savvy brands.



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