A light touch

A couple of weeks ago a colleague dragged (that’s probably too harsh) invited me along to a “Garden & Home Lighting Masterclass” in the John Cullen Lightening showrooms. It was a relatively expensive 90 minutes but was much more fascinating than I had expected.

I learnt a few things and, more strikingly, I found myself critiquing light whenever I studied a new location. Fast forward to last Wednesday and a dinner to celebrate ‘Britain Creates 2012 a Fashion + Art Collusion and I was in lightening heaven !

Firstly, any invitation which arrives on 6mm thick red Perspex is worth an RSVP – that and the fact that this showcasing of talent, dinner and auction was to be held in the Old Selfridges Hotel – a great raw space in itself.

The dinner was a fabulous experience. Excellent food and a table curated by the host to ensure conversation as stimulating as the food made the evening fly. However, in between mouthfuls and dialogue I found myself lost in the sparkle of the surroundings.

The use of low hanging lights from the raw ceiling and the inspired choice of crystal glassware resulted in this sexy ambience with light radiating from the table onto diners.

I never thought I would ever describe a table thus but that’s what a “lighting masterclass” will do to you, that and a decent Petit Chablis and event producers who obviously know what they are doing. I’ll let a couple of photographs do the job better than I can.




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