On my last visit to Seattle I chanced upon a store front on the way back from a business dinner. The store was closed of course but I resolved, if time allowed, to return the next afternoon. Glad that I did. The store is Paper-Hammer and, as the name suggests, it has a lot to do with paper.

But that does the whole enterprise a disservice. For this store is a temple to paper, printing and, most importantly, hand printed and bound items. In other words a very craft centered approach.

And that craft is located in the heart of Washington State in a town called Tieton which has seen a artisanal incubator concept called Mighty Tieton bring together urban and rural designers, architects, artists and creative individuals.

I have to admit being like a ‘kid in a candy’ shop – I just hope I have enough creative thoughts to fill the folio and notebook I bought ! Time will tell.



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