Moscow, land of the never setting sun…

Last week I visited Moscow for 36 hours. This was my fourth visit but it so many respects it felt like my first visit and that I was seeing Moscow for the first time.

Why would I say that ? Don’t get me wrong the other visits were enjoyable and productive but every one had been in November. Short days, long nights, cold temperatures and a populace determined to get from A to B as quickly as possible.

Not this time. I could not have timed it better. The summer solstice ensured that Muscovites were enjoying their city well beyond 11pm. My territory for exploration expanded and I even (after a quick introduction with a Russian friend) used the subway on my own – forcing me to actually read Russian words rather than just stare at them.

It proved the point that you’ve never really been somewhere until you’ve seen it in all guises. A bit like people really.

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