Power play

I play a game now whenever I enter a new environment where I know I am going to be based for more than 15 mins.

Is there an unused electrical socket within my sightline ?

And, is it acceptable to use it ?

It’s a function of long days away from ‘base’ and pocketfuls of mobile devices which are power hungry.

These days the laptop is largely irrelevant other than it being the perfect base station for charging (albeit slowly) multiple devices from all the USB ports.

But despite the constant search for “fresh” power I now always have to hand portable power. A mophie.com ‘juice pack’ which bolts onto my iPhone – its not pretty but it does also protect the phone from bangs and scrapes – and gives me another 7 hours. A ‘portable power pack’ which keeps my other phone in the game for almost as long.

And now a heavy duty charging pack from Samsonite which was heavily reduced over the weekend and comes with every possible combination of adapter. This is now going to be my emergency-emergency back-up and the device I use to barter for free drinks since I can now come to the rescue of any phone !

Such are the charging requirements of the new iPad I have to make do with mains power until someone invents cold fusion.

Of course none of this prevents ‘power panic’ or that feeling when you collapse into bed in some distant time zone only to realise you’ve not plugged everything in yet !

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