Google + + Old Media = better understanding ?

I suspect I am in a cohort of millions. People who have dabbled, ever so slightly, with Google +. Occasionally we stumble upon people who swear by it (my good friend KL this week) and we make a mental note to ‘give it a more determined try’. But Facebook holds us strong. We know that Google+ is superior and less evil. But it’s all so new and even a little irrelevant.

Until a few minutes ago. At least for me. And, what is more surprising, is that Google, this behemoth built on non-traditional media has resorted to a television commercial ! In the interests of context I should add that the commercial was screened in the middle of The Princess Diaries on Film Four (I’ve no idea why I’ve got this on – my defence would be that I’m preoccupied installing apps and activating my iCloud) !

It draws heavily on the generational device used by John Lewis a year or so ago. Emotive yes but will it result in people taking another look. All I can say is that I promise to try harder Google+, I’m even going to say so on my Facebook status.


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