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Last week, despite half of it being spent in LA, had a heavy media bias. You wait all month for some intellectual nourishment to come along and suddenly along came four opportunities, okay maybe three but more of the final one later.

First up was a session hosted by the IAA and Bloomberg entitled “The Future of Media”. With four speakers and a moderator it was inevitable that we would not find our answer in two hours but this was as stimulating as you could want for a Tuesday morning.

In particular I enjoyed listening to James Davies, the Strategic Development Director for Posterscope UK. He talked with passion about networked Out Of Home. Gone are the days where OOH was just brand machismo with visual domination. Now it is smart, integrated and part of a more joined up customer journey.

Libby Hills, Global Head of Advertising for Credit Suisse, spoke from a brand owner perspective and it was good to listen to her challenges as she attempts to change the banking narrative in a cluttered and heavily regulated marketplace. Her case study on the Bank’s sponsership of the Leonardo D’Vinci exhibition where the exhibition was extended into the daily routine of HNWI using Heathrow and London City Airports merits a closer look.

Wednesday morning’s contribution to the media debate was an altogether more partisan affair since this was the Conde Nast Digital Briefing. But, as you would expect, it was slick and well paced. The highlight was the keynote presentation by David Rowan, the Editor of Wired UK, on the ‘Future of Digital’. Strong content and well presented and a reminder of just how fast things are moving. He inspired me to register with a site which measures your digital influence. I’m currently 53.33 on a scale of 1 to 100 where the average score is 20. (I’ll blog about klout at some point I’m sure).

Sandwiched in-between was a drinks reception to mark the 5th anniversary of Monocle Magazine. In many respects, this was the most tangible example of the future of media, never mind a testament to the sheer moxie of Tyler Brule to launch a new publication and succeed – AGAIN.

Why ? Simply put it reminds you that there is still a future for well thought out, articulated and curated print.

And….as if to make the point further that traditional media can work, his nascent radio offering Monocle 24 is proving popular.

Sure we’ve all had a preoccupation with the medium but there is no escaping the need for content – original, high quality, curated and presented with a view point from a qualified source.

And the last piece of media news ? The arrival of ‘The Sun on Sunday’. A welcome addition to Sunday news consumption. Sunday was made for ‘redtops’ and since the demise of the ‘News of the World’ Sundays have not been the same.


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