Sharing. Give & take….

This week I found myself in a lot of meetings. Some were bad, some were mediocre but, thankfully, most were very good. In reviewing the week, over coffee in a very bright and bustling Notting Hill, I’ve tired to identify what made those good meetings ‘good’ (no point in dwelling on the bad ones, I’ll just not go to any more if I can help it). It wasn’t that they were short, most were long. It wasn’t because I was in my comfort zone because in a few I was not. It was not because the stakes were not high, because they were.

Ultimately I’ve narrowed it down to a genuine pooling of talent and a fundamental willingness to share. Sharing in my mind is a critical ingredient in any meeting. If you are not sharing, if you a spectator and not a participant that’s not a good thing (NB this is not about quantity of sharing but quality, the least vocal often makes the killer contribution).

We are a social species and it’s only through sharing that we expand our horizons and think a bit deeper about the challenge at hand. That’s why enriching meetings with new talent is important (I look at one of the companies I used to work for and I see barely any personnel turnover in more than a decade and that’s starting to manifest itself in brand execution) or bringing in someone with a fresh perspective to tackle the issue from their world.

It’s why, even in this digital age, that face-to-face, the right people, right time and the right environment can make extraordinary progress. That said thanks to the power of Facebook and a posting on DW’s page by someone I do not know I bring you this very well executed and fun ‘short. I’m glad they shared it so I can.

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One thought on “Sharing. Give & take….

  1. Love this film, Mark, and agree that sharing new ideas and talent is vital…….without that, even Fernandez and Well’s sandwiches will get stale….

    Talking of freshness, is there anything we inject into what you’re working on?

    07775 625 473

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