Last night I went to see Roman Polanski’s latest film “Carnage”. Filmed entirely in a New York City apartment (albeit a very well decorated one) the film is based on the meeting of two sets of parents. It’s a film based on conversation. Funny, emotional and erudite it’s a great film. Kate Winslet is an even better actress than I thought – I won’t tell you why.

Before the film I was particularly impressed with an advertisement where the product was not revealed until the very end. I tried guessing, summarizing that whatever it was I wanted it since it had that feel good quality. So you can guess my surprise at the end.

I really loved the ad but in light of my employer and the fact I walked into the office today to my new smartphone – yes you guessed it, I won’t comment further.

This all compared with another lager commercial which I am convinced are conceived simply for the commissioning marketer and agency to have a really good time on location.

Cynicism aside it was an evening for communication.

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One thought on “Communication

  1. Hi Mark!
    I love that advert – I especially like the guys running after the flag.
    You wouldn’t happen to know where who wrote the music/where I could buy a copy!? Is it on iTunes?


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