And the 2011 journey comes to an end

Since this is my last flight of the year (LHR – JFK) I’ve listed the”rules” which kept me successfully on the road throughout 2011.

(1) When food presents itself. Consume. You never know when you will next get the opportunity.

(2) When an alcoholic beverage presents itself. See (1).

(3) Develop a routine (loosen belt, remove watch, put on a comfy sweater) prior to sleeping on night flights. Performing a routine which you know helps you sleeps ensures that you do. Oh and see (2).

(4) The more reading material and other media you have with you onboard the less you will need it. The opposite is true.

(5) Adjust your watch to the destination time the minute it’s obvious you are going to take off. Only think of the time zone you are heading into.

(6) Stay on top of your workload but resist the temptation to answer every email. Prioritize and then use any spare time to explore the destination. If all you have done is see an airport, a hotel room and a meeting room you’ve failed.

(7) Always have destination currency on you before you arrive. It means you are ready for anything. It also shows class to be able to tip without the need to deploy a lame excuse. Second best option is to always have a stack of one dollar US Bills.

(8) Always unpack your case at EVERY destination. Even if just for one night. Avoids the feeling that you are ‘living out of a suitcase’ and it’s better for your clothes. Also place everything on hangers, turn the shower up as hot it will got, switch the light off (to deactivate the air extraction) and steam your clothes for 15 minutes. Wrinkles gone and the steam cleans as well.

(9) If you are determined to travel light and only allow one shirt per day and you have full on days and business at night then schedule time for a 30 minute pitstop before evening drinks. You shower and change your shirt then. Air the shirt overnight and you can wear it again. Meanwhile you give the appearance of wearing two shirts a day without having to overpack or risk hotel laundry.

(10) Remember that good deeds pay off in travel karma credits. If you can help a fellow traveller then do so.

And that’s it for 2011.

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