Out of hot water

You would think that wakening up to discover no hot water in your home and a domestic flight on British Airways were poles apart in terms of relevancy but you would be wrong. Yesterday I did waken up to no hot water or heating in our building (for whatever reason this always happens in December just before the holidays begin) and so there was no alternative but to wash sparingly with cold water.

With a full day running around London and a long fondue lunch (preparation for Christmas in Switzerland) I have to confess that I was beginning to feel less than fresh and I still had a late evening flight up to Edinburgh.

I needn’t have worried. When I got to the BA First Class Lounge at Gatwick North Terminal I decided to chance my luck and ask the (as it turned out to be) very helpful Sarah behind the reception desk if, despite me only flying short-haul, I could have a shower. And 20 minutes later I emerged from Shower Room No 7, clean, shaved and feeling human again.

All of this reminded me of the current BA advertising campaign around their motto “To Fly. To Serve” and the fact that this “promise” is made up of thousands of customer service actions, such as mine, every single day. Low cost carriers get you from A-B and not much else whereas British Airways do everything for you (and more) from A-Z.

You pay your money and take your choice.


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