The last month….by the numbers

I’m writing this in the British Airways lounge at Moscow Domodedovo Airport as I wait for my final flight (Moscow to LHR) of the official product launch tour of my employer and so, for the record, here is the ‘inventory’ of my travels which have neatly occurred between 16th October and the 16th November.

Route flown : London – Milan – London – New York – Shanghai – London – Dubai – London – Singapore – Ho Chi Minh City – Singapore – London – Moscow – London

Flights taken : Thirteen

Days flown out of total (32) : 17, this includes flights spanning two days.

Number of Airlines flown : Three.   BA (10), United Continental (1), Singapore (2)

Number of miles flown :  42,612 (flying round the world along the equator is 24,902)

Number of hours flown : 90 hours (not including taxi time)  

Number of overnighters inflight : 5

Chicken : 2

Beef : 11

Number of hotel rooms : 8

Different alcoholic beverages consumed in flight :  6  Champagne, red wine, white wine, gin, whisky and port. 

Number of lemon and ginger tea bags liberated from BA Lounges : 7

Surprisingly I’ve never felt better and now seem to function on five hours sleep in any twenty four hour period.  The irony will be that I fall sick with cold at the weekend !  

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