Packing a lot in

This afternoon it took me about 3.5 hours to pack for my trip tonight to Singapore and HCMC. I tell you that only because I usually pack in the morning before leaving for the airport and it takes me 15 minutes. I’ve not packed any better or with any more thought. True I did do a myriad of other tasks during the 3.5 hours. But it essence in was an incredibly inefficient process.

I reckon the cliché “If you want something done give it to a busy man (woman)” does hold true. Time is elastic when you have too much of it – or so it seems. But the bottom line is we drag things out.

To be honest I am dreading early December when this intense business travel period ends. The truth is I’ve been so much more efficient. Eating and sleeping WHILST travelling. Using the quiet periods when your time zone is active when HQ is not to race ahead on tasks. You get the point.

And what about how I feel physically and mentally ? Never better. Although I will reserve complete judgement in case I keel over at the conclusion.

For the moment I’m going to hold firm with the belief – work and play harder if you want to do more and feel better.

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