Launching forth….

I’m writing this as entry as the train heads north from Grand Central Terminal to Poughkeepsie – back to direction of travel and on the Hudson side, at this time of year the fall colours are as therapeutic as they are picturesque.

This blog always suffers a bit of a hiatus in October and November since those months coincide with product launches. This year is no different indeed a little more aggressive with some new destinations in the mix. It all started in Milan on Tuesday and then it’s NYC (where I am now), Shanghai, Dubai, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, Moscow, London and then maybe Hong Kong. And I’m aiming to make my annual and welcome pilgrimage to Seattle for Thanksgiving.

So with all that 35,000 feet time you would expect more blogging not less. Other things seem to take priority (not the movies that’s for sure – next time British Airways describes a film as a “Hidden Gem” I will realise this means bilge !) such as sleep, daydreaming and emails.

However this year I will make a determined effort to educate and entertain – myself, if not you, the reader.

And I’m going to do a series of short travel tips and rants called “The contents of your life may have shifted during the flight”.

But back to product launches !

I consider myself to be very privileged to have been involved in product development and ultimate market activation for the last 14 years. It’s a very fulfilling and sometimes nerve wracking experience to witness ‘the birth’ of a product and the reaction it receives from people who have no predetermined view. I’m glad to say it’s been nearly always a thumbs up.

They are also very cathartic. All that effort and teamwork with a final few seconds of quiet reflection before the unveiling. The eye of the storm really and then it’s time to win hearts and minds. Bloomberg Newsweek in an edition devoted entirely to Steve Jobs remarked that he would spend days and hours rehearsing Apple launches and yet they always looked effortless (other than when WiFi failed !). And I suppose that’s the point. Great results always look effortless but they rarely are. Anything worthwhile requires efforts and lots of it.

Steve Jobs, Her Majesty The Queen (85 and almost bounced down the stairs on her state visit to Australia this week) are great examples of making the effort and selling “their product” !

So if this blog has a message it’s ‘make the effort…always’.

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