Caution – this t-shirt may shrink

I’m proud to say I have never worn or owned a piece of Superdry clothing. I reckon that the founders of Superdry would be pretty happy about that. Or at first glance you would think this. And yet their expansion policy means that ‘edgy’ has given way to ‘mainstream’ and now ‘ubiquity’.

It struck me over the summer when a colleague mentioned that his three kids (mid teens to early twenties), his wife and himself were all wearing Superdry as they headed on holiday.

For a brand which is so heavily based on a logo this is dangerous territory. Teens to middle aged clad in the same t-shirt – I think not.

Aggressive expansion seems to be the key to commercial fashion success. Better to make a fast buck from a big short lived proposition than a slow buck which is highly profitable and long term. That seems to be the driver. I think it’s wrong. Unless you cash out quick.

Maybe Superdry are right and I’m not. Time will tell.

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