Emotional baggage

The only thing which you have complete control over on your travels is your selection of luggage. Everything else will have some variable which can go wrong but luggage is entirely up to you.

Make the wrong choice and you’ll be stuck with a deadweight which you can’t get rid of until arriving back at your front door.

And so it was that I found myself on the hunt for a suitable bit of luggage for some upcoming trips to Milan, NYC, Shanghai, Dubai, Singapore and Moscow – from 2 nights to 7 nights.

Regular readers of this blog will now that I swear by Globetrotter luggage. A hand made in Britain brand which has unfailing stamina.

Up until Saturday I possessed two Globetrotters. One large case which I bought in a vintage store for £40 a couple of years ago – easily 50 years old but in sterling condition. And a smaller, carry on case I bought new 20 years ago for about £120.

I say up until Saturday since I opted for the size which had been alluding me. A case capable of holding enough for a week with careful planning but one which can also serve for weekend trips. And, in a nod to my advancing years, with some wheels !

It’s not automatically cabin luggage and I bought it knowing I would check it most of the time – but on BA long haul it should not be a problem.

Buying a Globetrotter is an investment but one which pays off relatively quickly. Beyond a very attractive patina (every scrape representing another trip) their luggage lasts and lasts.

It serves it’s purpose, and in a way which makes even the cheapest of other options seem very expensive, and it feels good to be supporting a British brand as I go about my business.

Without doubt it’s a brand which despite being over a century old has so much more room to grow – with a little help from better marketing, exploiting the world of mouth which has got it this far.


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