This was, as I expected, a dual track weekend. Half the time was spent in the company of great friends doing what New Yorkers do best – comparing notes, dreaming, engaging and moving, always moving. The rest of the time was spent reflecting on 11th September 2001.

Two very different states of mins and yet inextricably linked.

But let me back up. First and foremost Lower Manhattan has a vertical icon back. For too long the arrival at JFK with only the Empire State Building (as splendid as it is) piercing the skyline. Now World Trade Centre Building No 1 aka The Freedom Tower is adding a floor a week and is now into the eighties. Soon to be the tallest building in the USA. On Friday my arrival coincided with it’s illumination in red, white and blue.

This weekend Manhattan pulsed with energy. How could it not ? It’s the energy which allowed it to move forward after that fateful day and rebuild Lower Manhattan in an act of commemoration, optimism and defiance.

On Saturday I attended a fashion show downtown (Michael Knight of Project Runway fame) which, to my amateur eyes, was a triumph of passion and vision. The fact that it was taking place half a mile from ‘Ground Zero’ made it all the more vital.

NYC stronger than ever.

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