A square meal….

In a city, such as London, things don’t have to be new for you to ‘discover’ them for the first time. And so it is with the Nordic Bakery on Golden Square. A new creative agency at work brings me into this neighborhood more and more and it’s the perfect location for a pre or post gathering of thoughts. Excellent coffee and food with a twist – fresh as you’d expect and with an ambiance which is the polar opposite of SBUX. The wooden disposable spoons are a tactile treat.

But it’s not all laughs in the ‘hood. With one of our colleagues in need of a very late lunch and us in need of some refreshment we ambled into Polpo (a dinner favourite of mine) only to find that we had committed the cardinal sin in London of expecting a restaurant / bar to cater to CUSTOMERS out with rigid meal times. It’s 3.50pm. We want to spend money. You are ‘open’. You’re costs are sunk. This is UPSIDE. But no. As AT put it “Oh sorry I forgot I was in London”.

24 hour, world class city ? I don’t think so – no matter what Mayor Johnson says.

And with that. I am off to Stockholm for the weekend. I tasted Scandinavia and I want more.


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