Look ahead, not behind…

Rupert Murdoch continues to ‘make’ the news in more ways than one. This week his audacious decision to cut ‘the cancer’ out of his business was as unexpected as it was bold. For someone with printer’s ink flowing through his veins he knew that if News International is going to ride this storm then ‘The News of the World’ had to be sacrificed.

And sacrificed it was. I’m not going to comment on what caused the decision but I do marvel at Murdoch’s ability to both be decisive and also upset the left of centre.

People, especially critics, seem to forget that he runs an enterprise which is based on creating content which people want to buy, want to read and want to watch. A few years on from his purchase of the Wall Street Journal (accompanied by cries of anguish that he would destroy it) we now have a rejuvenated title with enhanced relevance and an ability to take on the vested interests of the New York Times in it’s own backyard. He is always focused on what the customer and, more importantly, the future customer wants.

It must have been tough to ‘kill’ a successful and profitable title in the way that he did but a quote from a senior News International Exec in today’s ‘Sunday Times’ newspaper (another News International title) summed it up….”It’s all about tomorrow with Rupert…he never looks back.”.

That philosophy rung true again when I read an article by Nicole Perlroth in Frobes based on an interview with Peter Vesterbacka, the CMO of Rovio – the creaters of Angry Birds. It took Rovio 8 years and 51 attempts to come up with a winner.

On the basis of these two examples we have the equation for success…….look forward not back and never, ever give up.

Good advice.


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