Managing the deluge

Two weeks into owning my first iPhone (for a usually early adopter I have been painfully slow) I’m carefully populating it with apps and information. I avoided a headlong rush in an effort to evaluate what, when, where and how with a big WHY ?

And, as I’ve said in this blog previously, not WHY NOT, but WHY ?

I want to see how I can integrate my iPhone with my iPad and other devices alongside my non- tech info sources.

It’s a tall order as I want everything to be right where I want it, when I want it. Social media is easiest. It’s all very seamless. Reading material, especially gobbets (thank you Miss Docherty for teaching me that word) that I want to flick between devices is proving more difficult. And come to think about it I wouldn’t mind someone doing the reading for me on busy days, prioritising for me.

Maybe there is an app out there that can do that….. I suspect that it needs someone sitting behind it…..and there is the rub….. tech needs tamed.

I think I might just have an idea……

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