This week business took me to two new cities: Budapest (16 hours from touch down to take off) and Prague (24 hours from touch down to take off). Intense, productive trips, hugely enjoyable and with a propeller flight in-between the two – I had forgotten how much I relied upon these in a previous role.

I had high expectations for both cities – both their appearance and their people however on all counts expectations were exceeded. Ultimately frustrating, however, as it just means that I have two more places I need to revisit in my own time for a deeper dive into all they have to offer.

As someone over 40 who spent the first half of his life thinking he would never really get the opportunity to travel freely in these Central European countries it is genuinely exciting to see them thrive and the centre of Europe moving eastwards.

In Prague I stayed in the Hotel Pachtuv Palace – which has to be one of the finest hotels I have stayed in – perfectly located and with lots of original features it really felt like I was staying in a palace. When I returned to my suite after an excellent night out (including a sublime meal at restaurant Bellevue )the weather forecast was on my pillow along with an inspirational quote (from Aaron Rose)…“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary”. It’s a good quote but one which is redundant in Prague – I suspect it is extraordinary in any light and all of the time.

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