A ‘real’ fake

Sometimes you read a newspaper article and have to check the dateline to be sure that it’s not April 1st. That was the case yesterday when I read a Daily Telegraph news story about a postage stamp issued by the US Postal Service – well 3 billion of them to be precise.

Selecting an iconic image for their latest ‘Forever’ stamp (a First Class stamp which holds its value into perpetuity) they opted for the Statue of Liberty only they used a photograph of the replica Statue of Liberty which stands outside the New York New York Casino in Las Vegas and not the real one on Liberty Island off Manhattan.

It’s worth reading this great article from John Swaine for the wriggling quotes from all concerned. It seems incredible that an organisation can make such an error when you consider all of the checks that must exist in the process.

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2 thoughts on “A ‘real’ fake

  1. Talking of stamps…did you hear about the stamps ‘dedicated’ to Indian billionaire Subrata Roy? Cherie Blair was in attendance at the unveiling!

    “I don’t have voice to express my heartfelt gratitude to Royal Mail for issuing the special stamp, said Roy.

    ‘I don’t think I deserve it. I will try to come up to the expectation of such a great honour.’

    The stamps can in fact be bought online via the Royal Mail’s website and are known as ‘Smilers’.


    • Yes ! Truly brilliant, even worse that idiot of a Mr Squeaker, opps sorry Mr Speaker turned up too !

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