Renewal & Reinvention – The two ‘Rs’

Last night I used the cliched, but true, line…”the great thing about tomorrow is that you get to start a fresh day exactly as you want it”. Nowhere is it written that you have to run to someone else’s script. Sadly and all too frequently we do. Out of fear of the unknown, out of routine, out of laziness.

But then just as certain as spring follows winter we get an overwhelming need for renewal. A dawning realization that it really doesn’t have to be this way. Change can be small or big. It might mean a new area of focus or an additional one. It could certainly mean less about you and more about others.

What it certainly means is a little contemplation out of the harsh glare of New Year’s resolutions and live changing fads which we start in January 1st and quickly discard.

It also means doing today what we usually put off until tomorrow, or the weekend, or next month….some incremental progress today will make all the difference.

Halfway around the world the people of Christchurch, NZ are picking themselves up and dusting themselves down for the second time in as many months. So I will end on a third R “resilience”, we could learn a lot from them.

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