Bed without the breakfast

I was lucky enough to fly back from Dubai overnight on Wednesday on one of British Airway’s new 777-300. Three of these planes entered service last fall and fly between LHR – Chicago, Dubai, Delhi and Bombay. World Traveler and World Traveler Plus have been completely redesigned.

I was in the front bulk head row of World Traveler and this redesign made for a much more comfortable flight. Seats felt wider and more comfortable, an in arm tray table which say higher and further away and a much larger entertainment screen with a USB and RCA jack to allow you to play things on the screen, mains power sockets under the seat are a great addition. A wider selection of on-demand choices including a great BA channel with vintage documentaries from BOAC.

However some things never change, 90 minutes before landing at LHR the breakfast service started. Lights up, meal trolleys moving in the cabin etc. I don’t know why BA continue with this feature in the lower cabins. Here is a better suggestion. Stop serving breakfast onboard in World Traveller and World Traveller Plus on long haul flights arriving into LHR. Give passengers an extra hour of quiet time to sleep and, upon landing, have a breakfast grab bag at the top of the jetway for passengers to take on disembarkation.

Simple and it’s bound to be more cost effective.

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