The road less travelled

I was in Zurich for the day again on Thursday and this evening I’m heading for Dubai. One destination feels like home, the other a little less so. Both flights, however, have a certain familiarity.

Yesterday I read a very powerful blog. The subject matter and the author are unimportant. What was memorable was the sentiment expressed – that of change and the unknown. The danger of the status quo and doing nothing. The perils of standing rooted to the spot. And conversely the opportunities of the unknown. Making a leap and in so doing exercise a little more ownership of the future.

As I fly eastwards tonight I will think about the people of Egypt below. They are taking a leap into the unknown with all the attendant risks of ending up with a government even more cruel and oppressive than this one. However it does not have to be that way and looking at the hope on the faces of those who care so much about the future of their nation I think it might just turn out well.

Taking that path less travelled can often be the best solution. At the very least it ends the speculation that things could be better. Very soon you’ll know. Meanwhile the momentum of change can be rewarding in itself.

We are still a month or so away from spring but it’s good to see people embracing change : home and abroad – renewal is upon us.

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