Time, and it’s efficient use, crossed my mind twice to day as I flew east to Istanbul (losing two hours !). The first was a great phrase which I have never heard before;

“It’s easy to do nothing, quickly”

The person using it was being self effacing, since he is very efficient but as an expression it brought a smile to my face.

The second was a news article in today’s Wall Street Journal which gave further evidence that Mayor Bloomberg built his empire and also his mayoralty on the old maxim “time is money”.

He’s been busy installing ‘count-up’ clocks in meeting room, meeting starts, punch the clock and it just counts up the minutes. A visual reminder of just how much time is being spent.

A businessman, Brad Johnson is going a step further. His device which he is marketing allows you to enter the average salary in the room (that must be an interesting exercise) along with the number of participants. In other words this doesn’t count minutes passed buy money expended !

Johnson is bringing to life what we have all done in our head.

Back to that quote. It’s easy to do nothing, quickly…..but it’s also easy to meet and achieve something efficiently !

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