Doing nothing for 2 minutes….if only !

After a quick after work glass of wine with J. I caught the No 94 bus home to Notting Hill Gate reading the London Evening Standard on the way.

In the newspaper there was an article about the latest Internet site creation of Alex Tew (he of the Million Dollar website). This site is a much simpler proposition;

That’s it. Enter. Load. Watch. For 2 minutes. Do nothing. Nothing.

Tew believes the site will help cure Internet addiction. I’m not so sure.

The countdown clock is a little disruptive so even if you are itching to touch mouse, keys, trackpad the clock acts as a deterrent. No clock and that 2 minutes really is going to seem like forever.

His choice of such a serene scene is also questionable. Anyone who can’t stare at that for 2 minutes has issues.

I reckon if he wanted to really challenge us we would have been given a blank screen for 2 minutes.

But he has a point.

Breaking away from all things electronic for a contemplative moment and retreating to that ‘special place’ is a vital part of the day.

It brings perspective and calm.

Try it.


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