Day trip

People who know me well appreciate that I enjoy short, sharp trips…for business or pleasure. There is something incredibly efficient about doing it all in one day and returning to one’s own bed.

Today’s trip was to Zurich and it was the better on two counts. One, I only decided to go the previous day and, two, I had just been in the City for Christmas. It was also the first time, in what seems like months, that I was unencumbered by luggage – all I carried was my vintage Asprey briefcase with the initials ‘MM’ (every time I use it I wonder who the MM was !), my favourite raincoat and my hat.

It was that lightness of load, and the single minded task ahead, which contributed to a very productive 7 hours. A reminder that too often the working day is fragmented into so many distractions that it feels that nothing has been achieved. Not so today.

A couple more fun things about today. As I head back home I realize that I’m going to have travelled to Zurich AND back with a couple of hours to spare in the same time it took me to get to Zurich at Christmas. However much fun the train was in December, when air travel works – it works. The other thing is that I left from London Heathrow Airport and, when this blog entry posts, I will have arrived home to London City Airport. Three airports in one day adds to the diversity.

Of course the downside is that there are, at first thought, limited opportunities to experience the destination – but that’s not really true. You get to experience different things. The business lunch (with the well-to-do Swiss older woman sitting alone having a languid lunch), the industrial estate, real workers, the backroads to the airport – all the non touristy staff.

And best of all as I drift off to sleep tonight I’ll consider a very full 20 hour day, if only every day could be like this. But it can be.

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