Tilting at windmills

It would be laughable if the consequences were not so serious. Today’s London Times (which I was able to read in bed in Upstate New York thanks to the wonders of the iPad) contained an article which described the UK National Grid’s urgent actions to study the UK wind patterns.

Why you ask ? Because over the very cold spell in the UK (ie moments of maximum electricty demand) there was no wind. The UK’s trendy reliance on wind which should deliver almost 10% of energy instead delivered 0.2% !

As a consequence the UK had to import electricty via The Channel Interconnector (ironically French electricty generated by their own efficent nuclear program) and keep coal staions on standby.

The UK’s obsession with wind generation is misguided at best and dangerous at worst. It increases reliance on fossil fuels or foreign energy sources.

There have been a number of lessons for the UK with regards to its infrastructure this winter. Here’s hoping someone is paying attention.

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