Last is First

I decided to make this last Transatlantic flight of 2010 in First Class, which means the first flight of 2011 will also be in First Class. Nothing like starting the year as you mean to go on.

I reckon I’ve flown internationally with British Airways over 20 times this year, in all four cabins and, to be honest, thanks to my ability to sleep and enjoy air travel whatever the class – I’ve had a ball. However sitting in seat 1K, right in the nose cone of a 747-400 is the perfect way to spend the last day of the year. The double window effect created by BA in the new cabin format offers unparalleled vision.

At times like this it’s inevitable that you cast your eye over your personal balance sheet for the year. Add up the credits and debits and decide if your share would be a ‘BUY’, ‘HOLD’ or ‘SELL’.

Beyond the financial contribution I’ve made – as a taxpayer, consumer and as a worker I reckon the biggest potential ‘income’ source is the human contribution. That is always going to be a tricky one to quantify. You have to factor in all the support you’ve given, the times you’ve put on hold your needs and priorities to help someone else. The physical, mental and emotional currency you’ve expended with no personal gain.

Try it.

Now ‘deduct’ all the times you were a recipient of such support.

I suspect you’ll end up evens. Neither up nor down.

That’s the joy of our time on earth. The contribution we make to the success of others and their impact our own success. Basically “doing unto others what we want done unto ourselves”.

Putting others first, and ourselves last. A motto to live by.

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