Paper chase

My mind has turned towards corrective actions for 2011. I’ve long given up on a long list of New Year’s resolutions instead focusing on a couple of things which I think will improve my working and personal life.

First action is addressing my overwhelming desire to print everything out. It’s a total addiction which I’ve been forced to confront in the process of reviewing all of the paper I had accumulated at my workstation over the last 3 months.

Seemingly the average US Office Worker consumes around 10,000 sheets of copy / printer a year. On the basis that I work 5 days a week for 46 weeks a year this would mean a daily consumption of 43 pages. If I was honest I reckon my average consumption could well be 20 – 40 pages more – so almost double.

I’ve looked at the two areas where I really overdose on paper;

(1) Reviewing revisions of documents which I am creating – I’ve decided that this is needless before the final proof reading.

(2) Printing out presentations and material from others – I can easily review these on-screen.

Moving forward I’m going to restrict myself to printing out my day’s schedule (one page) which I always use to make notes on during the day.

I think I can stick to this but sometimes I think that a financial penalty (a penny per page) could be an even better incentive. Likewise with email. Imagine you had to pay a penny for every email recipient ?

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