Going the extra mile….

Despite the incompetence of the British Airports Authority (owned by the Spanish firm Ferrovial) and thanks to a resourceful and efficient British Airways agent on the Gold Executive Club line a cancelled flight from LHR to Zürich did not curtail Christmas in Switzerland.

The original plans were based on a flight on Wednesday 22nd from EDI to LHR and then on to ZRH. The revised plans had us fly on Wednesday afternoon from EDI to LGW. Overnight at the Gatwick Sofitel (dreadful) and then an early morning flight to LUX. Half a day spent in Luxembourg and then the train to Zürich (via Metz, Strasbourg, Mulhouse and Basel).

It was all a bit of an adventure even down to the late evening running along a fog kissed platform at Basel Station as we moved from the French side to the Swiss side.

So what was gained ?

(1) We refused to be beaten by either the weather or incompetence.

(2) We got to spend time in a country / city we would never have under normal conditions.

(3) We discovered (or rediscovered) the excitement of rail travel.

We may have pulled into Zürich about 24 hours later than our original planned flight but we got there in the end. Robert Louis Stevenson summed it up well;

“Little do ye know your own blessedness; for to travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive, and the true success is to labour.”

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