Old coats and new beginnings

One of the more unusual benefits of living in a seasonal climate is that with the change of the season your wardrobe makes shifts and you find yourself doning an item of clothing which you have not worn for 9 months or so. I’m not talking about the excitement of wearing something different I’m referencing the fact that when you stick your hands into those pockets for the first time it’s like discovering buried treasure.

As I headed out of the door for LHR and my flight to Seattle and Thanksgiving with my adoptive family I discovered three things in my outdoorsy winter jacket;

(1) My little red notebook (long since lost) which contained my “Hope to Accomplish in 2010” list.

(2) A business card from someone I must contact.

(3) A £10 currency note.

Not a bad haul.

The secret is then not to rummage through every other coat and jacket pocket in the hope you find more. The fun is the gradual discovery.

The most valuable find has to be THE LIST ! I’m pleasantly surprised about how much I have achieved and I still have a month to go.

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