When you can’t see the work for the work….

…..it’s a variation on you can’t see the wood for the trees and I felt it today.

Without a doubt work, especially within a corporate structure, focuses us on delivery. We get locked into the task at hand. Anything else is just a diversion, an obstacle to completing what is in front of us.

And yet it is not. Sometimes the blinkers, which keep us running true and straight, are a handicap.

Today I wandered over to a part of the office where I rarely venture and had a conversation with a colleague who I do not interact with as I go about my role. You can probably guess the rest.

We had a great exchange and I returned to my desk rejuvenated about the project I was working on and determined to make this a lesson I would learn.

Silos are not good. The familiar can so quickly lead to the mediocre.

I’m thankful to J for his impact on my working day and week.

Tomorrow I will repeat it.

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