Monday…but not as we know it !

Today was Monday but because of a day’s vacation not the usual routine. Nonetheless it has been a productive day from wake up to head home. So no real change from normal apart from the fact that it was not just corporate focused.

It started like a normal day with a work call which reminded me of the importance of TEAM. That the sum of the parts was often greater than the whole.

Then the gears changed and after a late breakfast at Paul Rhodes (what it lacks in organisation it makes up for in food quality and enthusiasm) it was a cycle ride through Hyde Park – full speed, cobwebs displaced and energy levels heightened.

Coffee, chat, tea, strategy, downloads and work.

A reminder that individual effort is key to delivery of the greater good.

The evening was, of course, nothing less. Polpo as it cranked up to the usual demand exceeds supply and then some relaxed drinks in a Saville Row bolt hole.

So a good day all told. And the final walk up New Bond Street with deliveries reminded me of 25 years ago and Halford’s delivery days and the lessons it taught on inventory and customer demand.

In otherwords. A very productive Monday.

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