Another world

One of the pleasures of visiting Zurich is the trail from Uteilberg to Felsenegg. It’s a walk along the ridge of the hills to the south of the Zurichsee. The S10 suburban line only takes 20 mins from Zurich HB to the top, the later part using rack and pinion to make the steep incline. There still is a bit of rise and fall for the walker as you make your way to Felsenegg where you then get a cable car down to Adliswil and the S4 back to Zurich HB. Needless to say the public transportation runs like clichéd clockwork.

The signs suggest the walk takes 1 hour and 40 mins but even with a break I’ve never taken more than 1 hour 20 mins, and today I managed it in 1 hour 10 mins with a beer on the terrace at Felsenegg to enjoy the great views.

I’ve done this walk in summer and winter, sun and snow. The walk is great in itself but there is also a neat feature – they have placed the planets of the Solar System to scale in terms of both planet size and distance from each other all the way along the route. You start at the Sun and end up at Pluto !

So as a walk it does double duty in getting away from the usual earthly concerns. Sometimes that is no bad thing.

PS On this trip I also got the opportunity to be one of those smug gits with an iPad on the plane ! But in all seriousness this was the first trip with iPad and without netbook – conclusion netbook now goes into storage for use as backup home laptop. More about this in the next blog.


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