iPad, iBought

Yesterday I finally followed through on my iPad purchase and I am now the happy owner of a 3G 32GB version. Early days yet but so far, so great.

Last night I activated a subscription to The Times newspaper for £9.99 (a saving of 50% on the print edition which I buy every weekday). This morning I switched on, pressed The Times logo and downloaded the full newspaper – takes a few seconds. The reading experience on the subway, train to work and now train home (where I am now drafting this article) has been great.

I’m especially enjoying the fact that articles are supported with multiple images which you can flick through easily whilst still maintaining the hardcopy look and feel.

As far as The Times goes this new method of media consumption is going to work for me. I’ll be loading up more subscriptions this weekend.

Incidentally the keyboard is proving to be accurate and fast. Just need to get over the fact I am obsessing about fingerprints on the screen.

PS I’m aware of the irony of this week being the week that demographic surveys revealed the iPad buyer to be ‘unkind’ and ‘selfish elites’. For the record I am neither 🙂

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