Sensory Deprivation

My decision last weekend to wait until I got back to London to buy my iPad was not a wise one. The ‘Greater London Area has no stock’ to quote the helpful Apple Store assistant. At least I’m back in Manhattan this coming weekend (Batchelor Party) so I can remedy the situation.

In the meantime I’ve gone on an orgy of consumption of traditional print – The Economist, Bloomberg Businessweek, The Spectator and now….The New Yorker.

The New Yorker is a magazine I have to admit, I never (despite a decade of receiving it gratis) warmed to. I suspect its liberal bent jarred a little too much.

But here I am struck by an excellent review of the UK General Election by John Lanchester – if you are not British and want a great primer then grab the June 7th issue (this could be my last ever physical magazine recommendation).

Perhaps it’s a particular rich issue, or I’m just hungry for prose as there appears to be some great articles and an absence of snark. One of which, about Julian Assange the founder of has pricked my curiosity to find out a little more.

Maybe I’ve finally fallen in with The New Yorker.

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